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Make your capital work more efficiently for you and enjoy greater returns. With Fullerton Markets’ Ultimate Level-Up Bonus, you're eligible to claim up to a 20% bonus every time you deposit. Once you reach the fifth level, you are eligible to claim an unlimited 10% bonus for every deposit.

ultimate level-up Bonus Benefits

No limits on how much bonus you can get

Losable Bonus

No minimum trading volume requirement

Internal transfer allowed between self-directed MT4/MT5 accounts

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How the

ultimate Level-Up Bonus works

You are eligible for a credit bonus every time you deposit. You can claim 5% for your first USD10,000 and will level up to 20% according to the table below. Once you reach the highest level, you can claim a 10% bonus for every deposit made, regardless of the size of your deposit.
5% Bonus
10% Bonus
15% Bonus
20% Bonus
10% Bonus
For example, if you deposit USD100,000, you’ll get USD11,000 BONUS!




First USD10,000

5% Bonus

USD 500

Second USD10,000

10% Bonus

USD 1,000

Third USD10,000

15% Bonus

USD 1,500

Fourth USD10,000

20% Bonus

USD 2,000

Remaining USD60,000

10% Bonus

USD 6,000

Terms and Conditions

  • 1) The Bonus is a form of losable credit bonus, which can not be withdrawn.
  • 2) The Bonus is removed proportionally to the percentage of the requested amount of withdrawal. For example, withdrawing 25% from your balance will result in the removal of 25% of your Bonus.
  • 3) The Bonus is only given on a Personal Trading Account, not Copy Trading Account or Investor Account.
  • 4) Client will need to submit a request via their Fullerton Suite.
  • 5) The Company reserves the right to not issue the Bonus to any client.
  • 6) The Company reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
  • 7) The Bonus is only applicable to deposits from 24th January 2022.

Kindly refer to the full Terms & Conditions here.

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