Copy Trading
30% Extreme Bonus

Welcome to a new and sustainable way of investing.

Enjoy a special 30% Bonus for increased leverage and capital when you copy trade!

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about changes in every way, including the way we invest.

Welcome to the New Normal, where we become more adept at digital technologies and adopt new financial habits.

We are here to support you, so you can make the most out of the situation and achieve financial stability in life. Leverage our special bonus and start generating passive income via our CopyPip platform!

Earn profits on our CopyPip platform
The smart way to invest in the New Normal

Here's your chance to earn without stepping outdoors. Make a minimum deposit of USD100 into your CopyPip account, be rewarded with our Copy Trading 30% Extreme Bonus, and start copying the success of strategy providers on Fullerton Markets' copy trading platform!

Copy from a global network of 400+ strategy providers on CopyPip. Not sure how to open positions or enter trades in volatile markets or periods of low liquidity? Not to worry – follow these skilled traders to help you earn!

Plus, with the Copy Trading 30% Extreme Bonus, you'll be trading with more capital.

Even better news? There's no limit as to how much bonus you can get!


Introducing Fullerton Markets' CopyPip System

CopyPip is Fullerton Markets’ own copy trading system that enables investors to select from a range of 400+ strategy providers (SP) to copy from.
Simply replicate their trades automatically in your own trading account. Make money on autopilot.
Our unique platform allows you to limit your losses, and gives you full control of your portfolio according to your personal settings.

How does it work?


Promotion Details

  1. A minimum amount of USD100 will have to be deposited into your CopyPip account for you to receive a 30% bonus.
  2. There is no deposit limit. You will be rewarded with the bonus with each funding exceeding USD100.
  3. You will have to register your interest and submit a request for the bonus immediately after making a deposit.
  4. This bonus is losable and cannot be withdrawn. It should only be used for trading. You may, however, withdraw the trading profit made using this bonus.
  5. This promotion runs till 31 August 2021. You get to keep the bonus even after the promotion ends.
  6. This offer cannot be combined with any other bonuses.
  7. Read the full Terms and Conditions here.
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